Tutorial Download From Deca-Games

At the moment we use shortener ads rotator so you will see at least 2 url shortener ( ShrtFly & FileCrypt ) for every single download. By the way it’s not mean you will need to skip 2 url shortener to get the download link, still just 1 but every visitors may see different shortener. Also there’s nothing different while we using 1 shortener because you will see the shortener page too.

1. Go to the “LINK DOWNLOAD” tab and choose which file hosting you want to use

2. You will redirect to ShrtFly page, click “I’m not a robot”button then “Click here to continue” (you will redirected to next page automated, don’t click multipe times because every click will generate 1 popup ads and it just waste your time)

3. Next! Please wait for 10 second and then click “Get Link” button

4. After skipped the shortener you will be directed to Filecrypt page! complete the captcha to view the download links:

We hope this tutorial can help you
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